How well do I sleep?

It is only by examining your own sleep that you will be able to know whether you are having the best night sleep possible.

Thinking back over the last few months answer the following questions:

  • How many hours per night have I averaged over the last 30 days?
  • When did I last have a good night's sleep?
  • How sleepy do I feel most days?
  • Does my tiredness stop me from doing things?
  • Does it usually take me a long time to fall asleep?
  • Am I frequently woken up during the night and not able to get back to sleep?
  • Do I practise good sleep habits?
  • Do I snore?
  • Do I have any unusual sensations during my sleep period?
  • Has my partner told me that I have unusual sleep habits?

If after answering these questions it is clear that you either are not getting sufficient sleep or that you may have some type of sleep disorder it is important to start giving your sleep a higher priority and perhaps consider seeking professional advice.

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